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Hey Diddle diddle the cat the fiddle
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Just about each night we read with Devin.  One book is always in the mix , "Read to me Grandma".  I will groan and lament that the book is not "Read to me PawPaw". Devin tells me to ignore the title and just focus on reading.

It's a very interactive session. He will usually annouce that we need to start with page 72.  Page 72 is where one finds "One Two Three Four Five"

One, two, three, four, five.
Once I caught a fish alive.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Then I let it go again.

Why did you let it go?
Because it bit my finger so.
Which finger did it bite?
This little finger on my right.

Devin will recite the rhyme and then moves forward and backward trough the book to find and recite his favorite rhymes. 

Itsy Bitsy Spider, Hey Diddle Diddle
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hot-Cross Buns, Baa, Baa, Black Sheep (nursery rhyme),

Next comes a story. 

Once we are through he is ready to sleep.



Turkey induced Thanksgiving Musing
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My wife and I spent this Thanksgiving with friends about 60 miles from our house. As I drove my 5 year old Toyota van carrying myself and my wife, I reflected that In Germany and probably most of Europe, I could have gone there and back via train. Not so here in Texas and most of the US of A. I enjoyed travelling in Germany where I could go anywhere I wanted by train or bus and it was affordable.

We drove from Austin to Lake Buchanan. I only spent about 15 minutes at the lake's edge listening and watching the waves as they reached out and touched the shore. Over and over, peaceful and tranquil. I could shut my eyes and imagine that I was far from civilization or in a time gone by. Only once did I hear the sound of a passing motorboat. Lake Buchanan was strangely empty of boats. One lone sailboat anchored about 120 yards off shore and 2 motor boats were reminders that the boats could indeed float on the waters. I thought how strange, yet fortunate, that more people were not out on the water.

On the way there and back I saw a train track running along side of the road. I remembered the trains in Europe. But this track doesn't carry people only freight. I guess. I didn't see any trains.

Later, when I got home I watch a documentary on KLRU entitled, "BIKE LIKE U MEAN". The documentary discussed the politics and bicyles. Some of the footage was from the early 90's showing bicyclists and the police at odds with each other. Some folks seemed to compared riding a bicycle as somehow related to Gandhi's struggle. One review in the Austin Chronicle commented that "..the short film will likely succeed in making viewers question their transportation choices." Read Review March 8, 2002.

I'm not so sure.

I've been riding my bike to work since the End of August. When I first started, I had a choice because I still had a car. Now I don't. I'm saving money on gasoline, insurance, repairs and hopefully future health bills. At the same time I'm helping to protect the environment. I'll have to film myself and make my own documentary. Hee hee hee!

Although I've seen reports that bicycle sales hit an all time high recently, I've not seen people in my part of town taking to the streets to ride to work. Nor do I see more people flocking to the buses. I suppose that must be happening in some other part of town or the country. I have seen a few men and fewer women riding to work. I suppose I need to start counting. One report said that more bicycles were sold this year than cars. Wow. Where are they? I suspect the bicycles are in people's storage sheds and in their garages. Let's face it we like to buy on credit but when it comes to doing - that's a lot harder. I know this first hand. It took me almost 9 years to resume riding my bicycle as a means of health and transportation.

Since I've been riding we've had very hot 110F and temperatures down to 35F. I don't know what I'll do when it rains. Cold won't be a problem I can buy warmer clothing. Rain is my next challenge. COLD WINTER RAIN. I may just have to work from home those days. Or perhaps I can car pool with my wife. She goes to work about 5AM each morning. What's next going to bed when the sun goes down. Who said "Early to Bed, Early To Ride...."? RS Riddick?
Some else must have found a carte-de-visite (CDV) take by F. Eggel
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carte-de-visite, CDV, Search Engine
Ok If you must know I don't get much traffic to my blog. Of course its really there for my research, my son, my mother, a couple of crazy friends.

But today a stranger came by. I've had strangers before - mostly looking at the Andrews Barracks and McNair Barracks pages. This one came looking for F. Eggel, Photographer. I'm guessing the stranger must have found a carte-de-visite (CDV) and curiosity drove them to google where they did - this search.

I posted an entry on April 21, 2005 at 7:47:12 PM about a CDV taken by said photographer. And today just about 7 months later a strangercame looking. very cool.

Well Stranger, thanks for your visit and if you come back leave me a note I'd love to know what you are looking for F. Eggel Photographer. If you have a photo(s) taken by F. Eggel let me know and I'll link to your website. If you don't have a website and would like for me to post them here I'd be most honored.

You can leave me a note here

Saturday with Devin
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Devin "C" buys a soda
On Saturday, Devin and I ran errands. As he and I drove to the bank he begain to make his pitch for donuts. Not totally unreasonable since there is a Krispy Kreme shop right next to the bank. As we drove I talked with him about saving money and perhaps we should find some alternative to spending the money for donuts. My logic was based around 2 facts.

1. Donuts are expensive.
2. Donuts are not healthy fare.

His response was to say, "Papa, I don't want to talk about saving money today." As we drove into the back, I remembered something. The bank gives away donuts in the morning. I mentioned this saying that you can sometimes get what you want and not spend a lot or anything for it. At first Devin was quite happy, but then he realized that this would rule out a trip next door to get a box of donuts. He became sullen and defiant. When asked by the teller if he wanted a lollipop, he shook his head silently to the left and right. His quiet no speaking loudly. The teller remarked that he was such a good boy. HA! Then she asked if he wanted a donut. Again he replied with the silent no. Oh my he really is a good little boy. Ha!

Business over we walked toward the door. Devin realizing the clock was almost out - stopped and said. A free donut would be really good. He got one asked me if I wanted it - I said no. We sat, he munched and crunched. Then he gave me an eighth of his donut. He always has to share with me. As we walked out he said "we save money didn't we?"

From there we went Office Depot to look at a scanner. I ended up not buying one. Devin had a blast looking at the officer furniture. He inspected each piece - sitting behind the desk to see if it would work for him. The first "office" had a big leather chair. He said, " This is great,.." and rushed to the chair and look at the price tag - "No, too expensive it costs 400 (four zero zero)". As he would sit in one of the offices he would guesture for me to sit and we would pretend to be business people. finally in one sitting he said to me - "You're hired. I want you to work for me. But let me tell you something, you better not mess up".

Our next stop was the grocery store. We shopped carefully from the list that grandma had written. Devin was in charge of the list. He made sure that I got each item on the list. Then he scanned all the items and bagged each item.

We bought a soda and sat outside in front on the Albertson's on a bench that claims the bench is made up of 1500 (or so) plastic bags. We sat and talked. I had my camera and took a few shots of our surroundings and more of Devin. I'll post a few here for his fan club.

YAHOO RSS PHOTO Feeds and Google Traffic
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Google, RSS, Search Engine
The other day I added a couple of RSS photo feeds to see what they were all about. I didn't really plan on keeping them or even putting them on my website. HOWEVER, yesterday I had people looking for Pirates and photos and other stuff who found them selves to the RSS feeds on my website.

The motto: add content - original content is good. TOPICAL content can work also BUT only if you have something worthwhile to add.
list of Programmable APIs
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As though I didn't have enough on my mind - webmikey send me a link for programmable APIs.


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